David M. Barkan

Fish & Richardson
Silicon Valley

Practice Area: IP & IP Litigation

    All Star


    “Hands down, David is the best strategic thinker for IP litigation.”
    “He has superior analytical skills and gets great results.”


    "My first mentor emphasized client communications – be prompt, succinct, and make sure the client understands how you reached your recommended strategy. As he explained, that is how you build trust and long-term client relationships. For the past three decades, I have worked hard to do just that, even when it means sometimes delivering frank and direct advice that may challenge the client’s thinking about a particular matter. I have great colleagues at Fish, and the teams I work with at Fish have provided me with deep and thorough analysis to all issues in a case – and that permits me to engage with the clients to find the best way to achieve their goals for each matter."

    – David M. Barkan


    As a trial lawyer, David represents multibillion-dollar national and international corporations, including top international telecommunications companies and major semiconductor component companies. David, who worked as a software developer at a startup before attending law school, also represents private companies with innovative software. He has helped these companies enforce their own IP innovations in the competitive product marketplace while also protecting them from IP suits that could derail the company’s strategic plans.

    During his nearly 30-year career as a highly-skilled litigator, David is distinguished for the client partnerships he builds—some spanning more than two decades.

    Most of his notable cases are competitor-to-competitor cases dealing with litigation that has substantial, sometimes bet-the-company, consequences.

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