Gregory T. Parks

Morgan Lewis

Practice Area: Cybersecurity & Privacy

    All Star


    “Greg is a guru at retail operational problems.”
    “He can formulate a plan for even our toughest privacy and cybersecurity issues.”


    "Our privacy practice delivers exceptional client service through three guiding principles:  (1) practical privacy -- clients want practical solutions about what to do based on where the law currently is and where it might go, not a diatribe on the law with a lot of “on the other hand” commentary; (2) no fear mongering -- we are here to provide advice and solve problems, not make new problems or sell our services by making everything scarier than it needs to be; and (3) rapid response in data security incidents that addresses the immediate crisis as well as the long-term consequences. "

    – Gregory T. Parks


    Co-leader of the firm’s privacy and cybersecurity practice and retail & ecommerce sector, Gregory T. Parks counsels and defends consumer-facing clients in matters related to privacy and cybersecurity, class actions, Attorney General investigations and enforcement actions, the California Consumer Privacy Act, consumer protection laws, loyalty and gift card programs, retail operations, payment mechanisms, product liability, retail waste, shoplifting prevention, compliance, antitrust, commercial disputes, and a wide variety of other matters for retail, ecommerce, and other consumer-facing companies. Greg also handles data security incident response crisis management and any resulting litigation, and manages all phases of litigation, trial, and appeal work arising from these and other areas.

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