John R. Heisse

San Francisco

Practice Area: Construction, Dispute Resolution

    All Star


    “We have high expectations of John.”
    “He's always committed to helping us solve problems.”


    "I approach client service and collaboration as a team effort, and one that I like to compare to one of my favorite classic rock bands, the Rolling Stones. Take long term relationships as one shared attribute – the Stones are the longest performing rock band of all time. I follow a similar tack when partnering with clients, with an eye to building/sustaining relationships. While my clients have not had quite the level of drama as the Stones, many have weathered extreme adversity. In order to support them, I go deep on understanding their business objectives, including coordinating with Pillsbury’s myriad of subject matter experts, to bring our best resources to attack each client’s highly specific needs. I’ll close it out with a quick nod to one of the Stones’ best collaborations: Mick Jagger and Florence + The Machine, Wild Horses."

    – John R. Heisse


    Guiding global developers, builders, owners and designers through every phase of complex public and private construction, John has successfully represented clients regarding major energy, infrastructure, hospitality, professional sports, commercial, and health care projects around the world. He draws on his engineering background and deep legal experience to counsel clients on project planning, contracting, contract and delivery issues, and to resolve disputes through negotiation, arbitration, and litigation.

    John is a past chair of Pillsbury’s Construction Counseling & Dispute Resolution team, the current President of the American College of Construction Lawyers, and a past Chair of the American Bar Association’s Forum on Construction Law.

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