Lisa B. Pensabene

New York

Practice Area: Patent, Technology

    All Star


    “Lisa is smart, hardworking, responsive and fun.”
    “I enjoy working with her more than most attorneys.”


    Lisa Barons Pensabene, head of the Firm’s Life Science Litigation practice, handles high stakes patent litigation in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. A first chair trial lawyer, she has led more than twenty major pharmaceutical and chemical patent litigations, leading cases in bench and jury trials, arguing to the Federal Circuit, and leading briefing to the US Supreme Court. She specializes in pharmaceutical patent litigation with her experience spanning drugs for the treatment of cancers, HIV, immunological disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cold symptoms, neurological disorders, glaucoma, ophthalmic inflammation and pain. Lisa also is well-known as an expert on biosimilars litigation, and was honored to be asked by the largest biotechnology trade organization to file its amicus briefing on the meanings of the statute. Lisa is well-versed in post grant review procedures in the Patent Office, particularly inter partes review procedures.

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