Makram B. Jaber

Washington, D.C.

Practice Area: Environmental

    All Star


    “I've been impressed by Makram’s deep understanding of the industry.”
    “He takes the unique issues our organization is facing to heart and works hard to achieve positive outcomes.”


    "My approach to client service relies on these principles: (1) Responsiveness: it is critical to be responsive to the client, whether the requesting person is the client’s general counsel or a junior attorney in the legal department, the company’s CEO or a permitting engineer. (2) Communication: the client must not be left to guess “what’s going on?” Appropriate communication to clarify deadlines and goals, and also to tell the client ahead of time if a deadline is going to be difficult to meet, is very important. (3) Partnering: partnering with the client – to me, understanding and internalizing the underlying business impetus and goals for any project, regardless of the size of the project and regardless of whether it is for a large client or a “one-off” – is crucial to helping the client solve problems. Assisting the client with solving problems, that is the core of client service."

    – Makram B. Jaber


    Utilizing his prior experience as a professional engineer and more than 20 years of legal experience, Makram brings a balanced approach to counseling and defending clients under federal environmental laws.

    Makram’s practice focuses primarily, though not exclusively, on the Clean Air Act. He regularly partners with clients to help them obtain and defend permits, defend enforcement actions, and represent their interests in rulemaking proceedings and related Court of Appeals litigation under the Clean Air Act. While involved in matters that run the gamut of Clean Air Act programs, he has deep experience in the New Source Review (NSR) program and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).

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