Mark C. Rodriguez

Beck Redden

Practice Area: Energy & Natural Resources

    All Star


    “Mark understands our values and pays attention to details.”
    “We appreciate his advice and guidance.” 


    "Mark Rodriguez applies a keen focus to his clients' business and legal needs in order to maximize their position and get the best result in every case, whether dealing with individuals, companies, or the state or Federal governments. Mark's extensive experience in the energy industry allows him to bring a practical, pragmatic approach to every case and every dispute."

    – Mark C. Rodriguez


    Mark Rodriguez is a trial lawyer with nearly 25 years of experience representing companies in high-stakes litigation, particularly in matters involving the energy industry. From class actions to False Claims Act claims to actions by the Federal government, Mark has represented companies in lawsuits, appeals, and arbitrations all across the country, including Texas, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.

    Mark has defended energy companies in lawsuits and class actions involving claims for royalty underpayment, failure to develop or to protect against drainage, improper measurement, and numerous other types of claims. Mark has also represented companies in disputes under joint operating agreements, farmout agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and other energy-related deals and transactions. In addition, Mark has extensive experience representing lessees and producers in audits by state and Federal governments, administrative appeals, False Claims Act/qui tam and civil penalty actions, and investigations by the Department of Justice, Department of Interior, and other state and Federal agencies.

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