Richard A. Silfen

Duane Morris

Practice Area: M&A, Capital Markets

    All Star


    “Mr. Silfen is excellent at explaining new ideas and offering actionable advice.”
    “He is available whenever I need him.”


    "Being an effective client advisor begins before a deal materializes – specifically in listening more than talking in order to fully comprehend client business objectives at the strategic level…knowledge that can then be baked into negotiating and documenting the deal, maximizing the chances for its success. This process builds knowledge of company culture, its decision-making process, its unique assets and technologies, its competition, and ultimately an actionable understanding of key decision-makers’ goals. My undergraduate degree in physics informs my approach to delivery of legal services – to investigate, analyze, understand and actualize – which, coupled with my experience at the SEC and as a client, enables me to help drive value into the deal. Ideally, we encourage clients to engage with us in this highly collaborative way and, together build value through thoughtful documentation and more successful transactions."

    – Richard A. Silfen


    Richard A. Silfen regularly advises companies and their boards, as well as fund sponsors and their portfolio companies, in capital markets and other capital-raising transactions, mergers and acquisitions and control transactions.

    Mr. Silfen also assists emerging and private equity-backed companies to develop plans for the growth and development of their businesses and technologies, including collaborative and strategic partnerships, and joint venture arrangements. Mr. Silfen’s practice focuses include the healthcare/life sciences, fintech, cannabis and real estate sectors.

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