Defining a Client Service All-Star


BTI Client Service All-Stars are always a part of their client’s life. Engaged clients share more, provide more clues about unknown future needs, and ask for help with issues about career and management. These highly personal insights into preferences, needs, and priorities enable a superior client service performance.


While busy as can be, the BTI Client Service All-Stars make the time to invest in clients. They are studying the business, searching for in-house counsel clients who are currently hiring, reading about their clients, looking for new ideas to share, and finding answers to the next unasked question.


They know their way around the rules, people, and issues and always find ways to get things done — quickly and with a certain comfort and ease. They ferret out the strategies, insights, and tools to make things happen — or sometimes prevent things from happening.


The BTI Client Service All-Stars make their thoughts known. They are clear, concise, and don’t hedge. Clients understand the recommendations and implications. They all share their opinion and provide clear direction — especially in murky waters.


The client service standouts are looking forward and planning for the next steps before clients ever ask. Knowledge sharing enables the BTI Client Service All-Stars to incorporate client experience and act with more information than most.